APPLE & CINNAMON potpourri

The smell of baked apples sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon, we flawlessly associate with freshly baked, still steaming, aromatic apple pie. It brings to mind a warm, home evenings spent with a family, accompanied by aromatic pastry and a cup of hot tea. If you want to feel the atmosphere of joyous, festive moments, potpourri with the scent of apple-cinnamon are designed just for you!

Potpourri looks best in glass vases or wooden boxes that emphasize the vibrant colors of dried flowers and allow them to free release of odor. Thanks to it, you can create different colored compositions. They can be used solo or may be combined with candles, incense or decorative gravel.
susz kwiatowy, potpourri, pachnący kram, susz egzotyczny, jabłko i cynamonSusz kwiatowy Jabłko & Cynamon
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Mysterious "potpourri" is nothing but a fragrant dried flower. It is composed of a mixture of dried plants (flowers, leaves, seeds, cones) in a wide variety of species, creating colorful compositions. It occurs both in earth tones, as well as in the colored form. The dried flowers are then soaked with fragrance oil, which results in long-lasting fragrance. The resulting fragrant dried flower, you can, of course, soak with your favorite fragrance oil many times. Potpourri is becoming more and more popular, in addition to the durability advantages, subtle fragrance is also very decorative so you can successfully use them as decoration. Potpourri are packed into packets measuring approximately 15x8 cm and weighing about 60g.


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