VITALITY conical incense

Vitality conical incense were created for the rainy afternoons, when nap seems to be the best solution. The invigorating aroma of incense, immediately restores energy and enthusiasm, promotes creativity and stimulates action. Juicy, citrus flavors of lemon and orange, enriched with a touch of fresh basil were combined. The addition of lavender soothes the whole.

Each package is included with ceramic holder, through which the burning conical incense makes no dirt!

Quantity in the package: 15
Conical incense height: 2-3cm
kadzidełka, kadzidła, stożki, pachnący  kramKadzidełka stożkowe Witalność
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4,99 zł

Simple, used for thousands of years the technology of production of conical incense makes them uniquely characterized by a deep bouquet of fragrance. Whole, is bound by a dense and flexible structure of fragrant resin. Aromatic mass, after obtaining a proper consistency, is formed in the corresponding cone shape by extrusion.


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