ANTIMOSQUITO fragrance incenses

Oppressive presence of mosquitoes, often interferes with relaxation during the long summer or autumn evenings. Concentrated blend citronelli, eucalyptus and camphor, effectively deters mosquitoes and both the number of other active summer insects. The aroma of burning incense is pleasantly refreshing with a hint of sweetness.

Pieces in packaging: 8
Length: 23cm
kadzidła, kadzidełka, pachnący kram, kadzidła na komary, kadzidełka na komary, kadzidła przeciw komaromKadzidełka zapachowe Przeciw komarom
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2,49 zł
 Essential oil of citronelli, is one of the most effective measures to combat nuisance insects. Soaked him incense, fragrance offers not only pleasing to the nose, but also deadly for mosquitoes. The addition of eucalyptus and camphor, further enhances the effectiveness of the remedy and makes it also effective against other insects.


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