BUDDHA fragrance incenses

Fragrance incenses Buddha, combines cleansing scent of lavender, with refreshing notes of juicy mandarin mind. This composition was created for those moments that require us to focus, but also inspire joy. The smell of the Buddha, the smell of joyful anticipation.

Number pieces in packaging: 8
Length: 23cm
kadzidła, kadzidełka, budda, medytacja, pachnący kramKadzidełka zapachowe Budda
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2,49 zł

Buddha means enlightened. The great exponent of the spiritual path, which aims to achieve nirvana, the state of liberation from lust and suffering. As a transcendental guide inspires you to achieve excellence through meditation and awakening compassion. In fragrance incenses Buddha, you will find a mild herbal notes and energizing fruity. This rare duo creates an aura of optimistic expectations and focus.


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