MOON fragrance incenses

Incense smell the scent of Moon gentle, floral, but their sweetness has been enriched by the addition of vegetable musk, which is an extract from the seeds of mallows. Their soothing, almost rozleniwiający aroma and tranquility conducive to falling asleep. Incense moon will be the perfect complement to a quiet evening and a guarantor rested, breezy morning.

Pieces in packaging: 8
Length: 23cm
kadzidełka, kadzidła, księżyc, pachnący kramKadzidełka zapachowe Księżyc
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2,49 zł
Symbolically, the moon is tied to the realm of the subconscious, creative expression and personal magnetism. Is also inextricably linked with the night, which we ascribe such importance as mystery, mute, or marzenia.Kadzidełko with the scent of the Moon, was created for the very evening tranquility and submission sleepy dreams.


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